Climate+Energy News 🇨🇳 China

Did you know that China is turning deserts into arable lands?

News Travel 🌍 World

These are the world’s most expensive cities to live in 2022

Auto Lifestyle 🇳🇱 Netherlands

Lightyear 0. The world’s first solar electric car is now in production

News Travel 🌍 World

You will have to pay to enter these destinations in 2023



Climate+Energy News 🇨🇳 China

Did you know that China is turning deserts into arable lands?

News Travel 🇨🇳 China

A remote village in China wants to become a hub for astronomical tourism

News Sustainability 🇧🇪 Belgium

Wallonia to create 30 new nature reserves

Aviation News 🌍 World

Airlines expected to make $4.7 billion profit in 2023

Climate+Energy News 🇪🇺 EU

Cepsa to invest €3bn in green hydrogen pipeline to connect Europe


Destination Winter 🇧🇪 Belgium

Winter Glow getaway weekend in Bruges

Destination Get away 🇫🇷 France

24 hours in La Rochelle

Destination Discovery 🇵🇹 Portugal

Monchique is a paradise between the mountains and the sea

Destination Winter 🇧🇪 Belgium

Brussels’ Winter Wonders ranked Best Christmas Market in the world

Destination Winter 🇫🇮Finland

10 reasons to plan a Christmas trip to Helsinki


Opinion Sustainability 🌍 World

Changing the world one bottle at a time



Interview News 🇹🇷 Türkiye

Manzini: “The EU should have already renewed its trading and investment relationship with Türkiye”

Interview News 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan

Ambassador Baimukhan: “Kazakhstan has a lot to offer to Belgian tourists”

Interview News 🌍 World

Jeremy Sampson: “It’s been a difficult time but also one of resilience and increased collaboration”

Interview News 🇵🇹 Portugal

João Leite: “Santarém should be on any traveller’s bucket list”


Culture History+Traditions 🌍 World

UNESCO inscribes 47 new elements as intangible cultural heritage

Culture History+Traditions 🇧🇪 Belgium

Belgian parade dropped from UNESCO heritage list due to racism complaints

Culture History+Traditions 🇪🇺 EU

The countries with the most historical hiking routes for tourists

Culture History+Traditions 🇺🇸 USA

What is the oldest tourist attraction in the USA?

Art+Architecture Culture 🇨🇳 China

Top 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China


Auto Lifestyle 🇳🇱 Netherlands

Lightyear 0. The world’s first solar electric car is now in production

Lifestyle Wellness+Health 🇧🇪 Belgium

Belgium to ban smoking in some open-air public spaces as of 2025

Lifestyle Sports 🌍 World

‘Time traveler’ claims to know who will win the World Cup 2022

Animals Lifestyle 🇵🇹 Portugal

Why butterflies are messengers of the soul

Lifestyle Wellness+Health 🇧🇪 Belgium

3 spas close to Brussels for a day of relaxation


Food Food+Drinks 🇫🇷 France

French baguette gets Unesco World Heritage status

Food Food+Drinks 🌍 World

AI-based systems help hotel chain Iberostar to cut food waste

Beer Food+Drinks 🇧🇪 Belgium

How a small Belgian craft beer is competing with giant multinationals

Food Food+Drinks 🇺🇸 USA

Thanksgiving Day: What’s on the menu?

Opinion Soft Drinks 🇪🇺 EU

Target packaging waste, not packaging circularity

Where to stay

Lodging Opinion 🇪🇺 EU

Short-term accommodations services: understanding the market to act wisely

Hotels Where to stay 🌍 World

What can you actually take from your hotel room?

Hotels Where to stay 🇧🇪 Belgium

Mechelen offers 100€ vouchers to first 900 tourists staying this winter

Lodging Where to stay 🇪🇺 EU

Data from short-term accommodation rentals to be shared with public authorities

Resorts Where to stay 🇦🇪 UAE

This moon-themed resort combines luxury and sustainability


Destination Photography 🇧🇪 Belgium

Autumn in Brussels

Destination Photography 🇫🇮Finland

10 Instagrammable spots in Helsinki

Destination Photography 🇧🇪 Belgium

10 most instagrammable spots at the Meise Botanic Garden

Destination Photography 🌍 World

Countries around the world light up buildings with Ukraine’s flag colours to show solidarity

Destination Photography 🌍 World

‘Toy Stories’. Photographer captures world’s children in their play environments

Destination Photography 🌍 World

Italian photographer captures childhood in different parts of the world

Destination Photography 🇵🇹 Portugal

10 Most Instagrammable spots in Santarém

Destination Photography 🌍 World

Best squares to visit at Christmas time

Destination Photography 🌍 World

Top 10 most dangerous spots for selfies

Destination Photography 🇩🇪 Germany

10 Beautiful German castles to visit this winter

Destination Photography 🇬🇧 UK

10 most instagrammable cities in the UK

Destination Photography 🇫🇷 France

5 very Instagrammable spots in Marseille

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