News Travel 🇮🇱Israel

Israel raises risk alert for citizens abroad

News Travel 🌍 World

World’s most and least expensive places to live in 2023

Aviation News 🇺🇦Ukraine

Ukraine hopes to soon re-open Kyiv airport

Aviation News 🇩🇪 Germany

Munich Airport resumes flights after “most snow since records began”


News Travel 🇺🇸 USA

Regent’s plane-boat hybrid to transport passengers in 2024

Aviation News 🌍 World

Lufthansa unveils new VVIP cabins that redefine luxury

News Train 🇫🇷 France

Paris to get 4 new lines and 68 new metro stations

News Sustainability 🌍 World

Booking partners with UN to train hospitality industry to be more sustainable

Climate+Energy News 🌍 World

Cigarette butt pollution costs $26 billion worldwide and “toxic” marine damage


Destination Discovery 🌍 World

10 places to visit in 2024, according to Airbnb

Destination Winter 🌍 World

World’s best Christmas markets to visit in 2023

Destination Discovery 🇺🇿 Uzbekistan

Discovering Central Asia through the eyes of Samarkand

Destination Winter 🇧🇪 Belgium

What to expect from the 2023 Winter Wonders in Brussels

Destination Winter 🇧🇪 Belgium

7 reasons to plan a Christmas trip to Leuven


Opinion Sustainability 🌍 World

Is there a downside to taking action against greenwashing?



Interview News 🇪🇺 EU

“We have proven our capability of adapting, so we will adapt,” says European hospitality chief

Interview Literature 🇵🇹 Portugal

Lisbon hosts writers from across the world at Disquiet Literary Program

Interview News 🇹🇷 Türkiye

Manzini: “The EU should have already renewed its trading and investment relationship with Türkiye”

Interview News 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan

Ambassador Baimukhan: “Kazakhstan has a lot to offer to Belgian tourists”


Culture Literature 🌍 World

5 new travel books for this Christmas

Art+Architecture Culture 🌍 World

The world’s first underwater sculpture park has just gotten a lot bigger

Culture TV+Cinema 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia

New travel documentary on Asir premieres on TV5 Monde

Culture Festivals 🇧🇪 Belgium

Ghent Light Festival 2024 to feature drones, AI and messages to space

Culture Museums 🇧🇪 Belgium

Bruges welcomes back a beloved museum and gets set for Bruges Triennial 2024


Entertainment Lifestyle 🇨🇭Switzerland

Switzerland to host Europe’s highest party in 2024

Entertainment Lifestyle 🇧🇪 Belgium

This Instagram account showcases Belgium’s ugly houses

Lifestyle Tech 🇳🇱 Netherlands

Amsterdam develops software to blur out people in street mapping pictures

Lifestyle Wellness+Health 🇳🇿New Zealand

New Zealand to fund tax cuts via a U-turn on anti-smoking legislation

Fashion+Design Lifestyle 🇪🇺 EU

“European culture” and “rivers and birds” selected as possible themes for next euro banknotes


Beer Food+Drinks 🇧🇪 Belgium

Belgian chocolatiers turn leftover cacao pods into beer

Food+Drinks Whiskey 🇧🇪 Belgium

Enjoying a “wee dram” in Belgium

Food+Drinks Restaurants+Bars 🇧🇪 Belgium

Cocktail lounge in honour of Magritte opens in Brussels

Food+Drinks Wine 🇧🇪 Belgium

This year’s best Belgian wine has been revealed

Food Food+Drinks 🇮🇹 Italy

Italy bans lab-grown meat in attempt to help farmers

Where to stay

Hotels Where to stay 🇯🇵 Japan

Tokyo’s newest luxury hotel to open in March 2024

Lodging Where to stay 🇮🇹 Italy

Gucci family’s Roman villas hit the market for €15 million

Lodging Where to stay 🇫🇮Finland

Santa’s cabin in Finland available on Airbnb this December

Hotels Where to stay 🌍 World

Most frequently stolen items from 5-star hotels

Lodging Where to stay 🇪🇸 Spain

Iconic Mediterranean villa from ‘The Crown’ now available on Airbnb


Destination Photography 🇬🇧 UK

The 20 most Instagrammable remote locations in the United Kingdom revealed

Destination Photography 🇦🇿Azerbaijan

10 most instagrammable spots in Baku

Destination Photography 🇦🇿Azerbaijan

“Karabakh After the War” photo exhibition showcased in the European Parliament

Destination Photography 🌍 World

10 perfect pink spots for your Instagram or TikTok

Destination Photography 🇦🇿Azerbaijan

A night in the Land of Fire at Brussels’ Royal Park

Destination Photography 🇧🇪 Belgium

10 Most instagrammable spots in Brussels

Destination Photography 🌍 World

10 Instagram travel couples to follow in 2023

Destination Photography 🇨🇳 China

Polish urban explorer shows abandoned places in China

Destination Photography 🇧🇪 Belgium

Autumn in Brussels

Destination Photography 🇫🇮Finland

10 Instagrammable spots in Helsinki

Destination Photography 🇧🇪 Belgium

10 most instagrammable spots at the Meise Botanic Garden

Destination Photography 🌍 World

Countries around the world light up buildings with Ukraine’s flag colours to show solidarity