Mauricio Ruiz is a writer and journalist who has lived in the US, Belgium, Mexico and Norway. His work has appeared in Words Without Borders, CatapultThe CommonThe RumpusElectric LiteratureJMWWRiver TeethLiteral Magazine, among others. He's been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and Myriad Editions Competition in the UK, as well as the Fish Short Story Prize in Ireland. He has received fellowships from OMI writers (NY), Société des auteurs (Belgium), Jakob Sande (Norway), Can Serrat (Spain), and the Three Seas' Council (Rhodes). His second book, Silencios al sur, was published in early 2017, and his work has partially been translated into Dutch and French. Mauricio Ruiz can be followed on Twitter and Instagram.

10 May 2022

Could Spain follow Elon Musk’s advice and deliver energy for all of Europe?

In early April, Elon Musk tweeted that Spain could supply energy to the whole of Europe by building “a massive solar array”. Spain’s president, Pedro Sánchez, […]
6 May 2022

5 biggest polluters likely to cause extreme hot years by 2030

Almost every country on Earth could experience extremely hot seasons every other year by 2030, according to new research. The study highligted the outsized contribution of […]
4 May 2022

More than 570 cities will be exposed to the risk of rising sea levels by 2050

More than 570 cities will be exposed to the risk of rising sea levels, according to the C40 network of global cities collectively addressing climate change. […]
3 May 2022

California 100% powered by renewables for the first time

On Saturday April 30th, renewable electricity met 100% of California‘s electricity demand for the first time ever. According to American news outlet Desert Sun, more than […]
29 April 2022

How air pollution could destroy some of the most iconic locations

During the months of the pandemic, the levels of air pollution were considerably reduced in all cities of the world. Some of of those destinations shone […]
27 April 2022

Which countries are poised to win the hydrogen race?

With the impacts of climate change becoming more and more apparent, policymakers worldwide are betting on clean hydrogen to break away from fossil fuels. Climate change […]
27 April 2022

Where does your recycling actually go?

In the US, recycling materials like packaging could end up in a landfill or be shipped abroad and burned. Experts predict that only 9% of all […]
25 April 2022

12 best ways to reduce city car use

The transition to electric vehicles is progressing, but slowly, with cars using non-renewable fuels still very much in circulation and use. New research from the World […]
25 April 2022

Glasgow declaration on Climate Action in Tourism has passed the 500 signatories milestone

The number of signatories to the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism has passed the 500-mark, just four months after the landmark initiative was launched at […]
22 April 2022

Largest floating solar power plant in Germany to open on unused quarry lake

Next month, German company BayWa r.e. will turn on the largest floating solar power plant in Germany. It will start operating on 24 May at Quarzwerke, […]
22 April 2022

How to celebrate Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022’s theme “Invest in our Planet: what will you do?” invites business and policy-makers to join the global movement and find ways to protect […]
21 April 2022

What is Earth Day and why is it celebrated?

Its origins go back to 1970, marking the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement. 1. Silent Spring Decades of blind consumerism of leaded […]
20 April 2022

Pollution in Australia is threatening some of the world’s oldest rock carvings

Western Australia‘s 50,000-year-old natural rock art gallery of more than 1 million petroglyphs at Murujuga, also known as Burrup Peninsula, could be destroyed within a century […]
19 April 2022

1% of rivers worldwide account for 80% of plastic discharge into the ocean

The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, has presented the results of its updated global river pollution model […]
18 April 2022

Could converting plastic to fuel be an alternative to recycling?

More than 350 million tons of plastic waste are produced annually worldwide, causing serious environmental problems, largely due to its life cycle and difficulty of disposal. […]
18 April 2022

Air pollution becomes a major concern in Brussels

The results of the first phase of the new “Brussels for Clean Air” project—the largest ever survey on air pollution in the region—highlight concerns about major […]
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