Marta studied Political Science and Media & Journalism at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) and has developed her journalistic career working for the Portuguese newspapers Diário de Notícias, Correio da Manhā and media outlets in Brussels. She is a reporter for Travel Tomorrow, and is also engaged in delivering communications services and EU policy research for different consultancies in Brussels. A former Blue Book trainee of the European Commission, Marta has a keen interest in EU and global affairs, and experience in reporting and interpreting information. Whenever she can, Marta loves traveling, exploring nature and learning about regenerative agriculture. She is also quite enthusiastic about space ventures and the cosmos.

1 August 2022

Portugal lays down measures to reduce tourism water consumption in the Algarve region

This year Portugal has already seen the fourth hottest and fifth driest winter since records began in 1931. 1. Severe drought High-record temperatures and less rain […]
28 July 2022

Train cars could capture carbon directly from the air

Researchers from the US based train start-up CO2Rail, in partnership with the University of Toronto, have published a paper in the Joule journal, demonstrating how modified […]
25 July 2022

Groundbreaking research to make carbon-neutral jet fuel a reality by using sunlight

Researchers have designed a fuel production system that uses water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to produce aviation fuel.  The research published in the journal Joule, could […]
19 July 2022

How can Azerbaijan help counter the European gas crisis?

Europe just forged a new partnership with Azerbaijan to secure supply of natural gas to the bloc. 1. EU signs MoU with Azerbaijan While Russia is […]
15 July 2022

EU invests nearly €2 billion in clean tech projects

The European Union (EU) announced a third round of awards under the Innovation Fund, which contemplates nearly €2 billion for clean tech projects to drive the […]
14 July 2022

Shell to build Europe’s largest green hydrogen plant in the Netherlands

Shell Nederland and Shell Overseas Investments, subsidiaries of Shell plc, have agreed to build a renewable hydrogen plant in the Netherlands, Holland Hydrogen I, a facility […]
12 July 2022

Germany passes law to increase wind energy capacity

The German Parliament adopted a new Onshore Wind Law which aims to expand onshore wind by a massive 10 GW a year from 2025. In line […]
12 July 2022

Finland’s new sand battery system could provide heating for a whole district

Finland has launched the world’s first batter made out of sand. It could help solve one of renewable energy’s biggest challenges, which is how to ensure […]
11 July 2022

India bans single-use plastic to combat pollution

India has banned single-use plastics. It’s now illegal to make, import or distribute a range of items from plastic cutlery to straws, and packing film to […]
11 July 2022

Windows are one step closer to harvesting solar energy

The emerging technology that will allow skyscrapers to generate their own power has taken another step forward, with researchers in Australia increasing the energy efficiency and […]
7 July 2022

Tourism sector calls on EU leaders to include buildings and road transport in the EU ETS

Tourism sector calls for balanced agreement on the final review of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), taking into account the inclusion of buildings and road […]
6 July 2022

This portable wind turbine can power you in the most remote areas

There’s a wind turbine that fits in a backpack. It’s about the same size as a water bottle. It weighs just 1.3 kilograms. Inside, there is […]
5 July 2022

5 unexpected places to find solar panels around the world

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions imposed on Russian companies, many European countries realized it was the time to find a way […]
29 June 2022

Could ‘space bubbles’ help reverse global warming?

A team of MIT scientists believe that ‘space bubbles’ could help reverse climate change by reflecting the sun’s heat away from the Earth. Researchers say cutting […]
27 June 2022

New EU Alliance to prepare the aviation sector for zero CO2 emissions

Europe is laying the ground to prepare the aviation ecosystem for the incorporation of hydrogen and electric-powered aircraft for the advent of zero CO2 emissions. 1. […]
23 June 2022

How can cities minimize the effects of heatwaves?

With climate change getting more serious every day, heatwaves are becoming a regular occurrence across the globe. Not only are they becoming more frequent, but also […]