Dana is a Travel Tomorrow reporter. She graduated in Political Science and International Relations. She moved to Brussels from Romania for her studies and Mont des Arts made her fall in love with the city and remain here. She loves animals, especially dogs, and everything food related, but dessert most of all.

9 December 2022

Climate activists glued themselves to airport runways at Munich and Berlin

On Thursday, 8 December, a few climate activists, form the environmental group Letze Generation (Last Generation), glued themselves to the runways at Berlin and Munich airports […]
8 December 2022

EU passes law banning import of goods linked to deforestation

Imported products leading to deforestation and forest degradation will soon be banned from entering the European Union (EU). However, Greenpeace denounces a “loophole” that it says […]
7 December 2022

New Zealand to tax farmers for herds’ greenhouse gas emissions

New Zealand’s abundant livestock comes with an environmental cost, as the island nation is discussing taxing farmers, under the Emissions Trading Scheme, for herd’s greenhouse gas […]
7 December 2022

Did you know that China is turning deserts into arable lands?

China has barely 12% arable land despite its vast area in square kilometers. For many years, scientists in the country have tried to find ways increase […]
6 December 2022

Cepsa to invest €3bn in green hydrogen pipeline to connect Europe

Cepsa announced 3 billion euros in investments to develop the green hydrogen corridor that is meant to connect the south to the north of Europe. 1. […]
6 December 2022

WTTC unveils world-first global travel and tourism climate footprint data

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has unveiled ground-breaking new data detailing the climate footprint of the global travel and tourism sector. The findings were […]
5 December 2022

EU and Japan intensify cooperation on hydrogen

The EU and Japan have officially intensified their cooperation on hydrogen to spur innovation and develop an international hydrogen market. The new partnership follows the EU-Japan Summit in May 2021, when […]
5 December 2022

Too costly to heat your home this winter? Head to southern Europe

Reuters is reporting an apparent increase in numbers of people looking to become ‘energy migrants’ by moving from northern European countries to warmer climes in an […]
1 December 2022

Manchester Airport reveals plans for direct access to a hydrogen fuel pipeline

Manchester Airport will be the pioneer in the UK with a direct hydrogen fuel pipeline connection, the British airport announced during an official event attended by […]
30 November 2022

What kind of Christmas tree is better for the environment?

Less than a month before Christmas arrives and one of the most relevant discussions of the season is whether to buy an artificial Christmas tree or […]
29 November 2022

The last 8 years have been the warmest on record

The last 8 years have been the warmest on record, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Continued emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) have amplified the […]
25 November 2022

Wind turbines will be allowed closer to airports in Belgium

Wind turbines cannot be placed too close to airports, increasing the risk of collision as well as interfering with the navigation systems. In order to support […]
24 November 2022

Venice’s climate adaptation investments protect it from exceptionally high tide

After a particularly devastating flood following one of the highest tides the city has ever seen, Venice invested in climate adaptation systems to prevent future extreme […]
22 November 2022

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief someone else will save it

Robert Swan is the first person to walk to the North and South Poles. The moratorium on mining in Antarctica designates Antarctica as a “natural reserve, […]
22 November 2022

How many countries have achieved carbon neutrality?

Countries across the world are designing measures to reduce their carbon dioxide footprint, in line with the Paris Agreement, which has established a 1.5°C temperature limit […]
21 November 2022

Space-based solar power could really work

The European aerospace giant Airbus has demonstrated that space-based solar power could be beamed from space. To date, the wireless transmission system can bridge a distance […]