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16 October 2023

5 small towns to celebrate Halloween in the US

Although in most European countries Halloween is a festivity mainly for children, in the US the haunted season is taken very seriously. Several American cities start […]
21 July 2023

Fake Venice. The copies of Venice around the world

The bridges, the canals, the gongolas, the elegant facades reflecting in the water… No wonder why everybody wants to copy Venice, Italy. Although the charm of […]
19 May 2023

Why you should add Sveti Stefan to your bucket list

Sveti Stefan is a little islet located in Montenegro, 7.5 Km south of Budva. Historically, the islet was home of an ancient fishing village characterized by red-tiled […]
19 May 2023

The Grand Place of Brussels in brief

The Grand Place – or Grote Markt in Dutch – is the main square of Brussels. The square includes the City Hall, the Maison du Roi, […]
23 March 2023

The world’s best and worst tourist attractions

Looking for inspiration for your next holiday? Stasher, the luggage storage network, has ranked 99 tourist attractions around the world using country-level and city-level data in […]
17 March 2023

Why you shouldn’t take your shoes off on a plane

With all the travel restrictions still in force, being on a plane is for most of us a distant memory. But everybody probably still remembers that […]
16 March 2023

Amsterdam Schiphol to introduce AI for security screening

Amsterdam Schiphol is partnering with Pangiam and Google to support the screening of luggage with Artificial Intelligence. When properly staffed, security at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is […]
16 March 2023

Uber makes it easier to locate your ride in more than 30 airports worldwide

Uber is making it easier and more efficient to get a ride at the airport. On Tuesday, the ride-share company introduced step-by-step instructions to its app […]
15 March 2023

President Biden pressures airlines to ditch family seating fees

The Biden administration has urged Congress to pass a legislation that would end family seating fees for parents traveling with children under the age of 14. On […]
6 March 2023

Lufthansa unveils its new ‘First Class Suite Plus’ concept

Lufthansa has unveiled a €2.5 billion long-haul travel revamp that includes a “flying private room” for first class passengers. Lufthansa is adding the new “Suite Plus” […]
6 March 2023

Lufthansa Group achieves a financial turnaround in 2022 and doubles yearly revenue

Lufthansa has reported strong earnings across its board. On March 3, the Group published a press release, revealing that it has achieved a financial turnaround in […]
13 February 2023

Biometric technology to replace passports at Frankfurt Airport

Face-scanning technology will be implemented across all terminals and airlines at Frankfurt Airport, enabling a seamless travel experience from check-in to boarding. This solution will be […]
12 February 2023

UK to work with France on new EU biometric entry/exit system

The United Kingdom and France confirmed their willingness to collaborate on the implementation of the new EU biometric entry system. Last week, UK’s Transport Secretary Mark […]
7 February 2023

Hawaii tourists might have to pay a ‘green fee’ for visiting the island’s landmark spots

Hawaii is considering introducing a tourism “green fee” for people visiting key landmarks and locations to safeguard the state’s natural beauties—and the proposal is getting strong […]
30 January 2023

Tourism Fiji launches ‘happiness’ campaign to attract tourists

Tourism Fiji is introducing ‘Where happiness comes naturally’ as a new brand platform to boost tourism a year after the destination reopened its borders. Produced in […]
30 January 2023

45-year-old Bryan Johnson spends $2M a year to be 18 years old again

Bryan Johnson, a middle-aged tech mogul, is working with a team of 30 doctors and health experts to reduce his biological age back to 18. Since […]