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<span class="">Marta Orihuel </span><span class="" lang="EN-US">is part of the EuroVelo team at the European Cyclists’ Federation, she is leading EuroVelo communications and managing </span><span class="">the network of </span><span class="" lang="EN-US">the </span><span class="">National EuroVelo Coordination Cent</span><span class="" lang="EN-US">re</span><span class="">s </span><span class="" lang="EN-US">and Coordinators </span><span class="">(present in 22 countries) and the ‘EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference’</span><span class="" lang="EN-US">. Marta is an</span><span class=""> Environmental </span><span class="" lang="EN-US">Scientist and holds a </span><span class="">master’s </span><span class="" lang="EN-US">degree</span><span class=""> in Innovation</span><span class="" lang="EN-US"> and Strategic Design</span><span class=""> and </span><span class="" lang="EN-US">one in </span><span class="">International Cooperation. She has </span><span class="" lang="EN-US">over 10 years of </span><span class="">experience in promoting </span><span class="" lang="EN-US">cycling, </span><span class="">sustainable mobility and community development</span><span class="" lang="EN-US"> as a social entrepreneur and an activist</span><span class="">. </span><span class="" lang="EN-US">She co-founded the Integral Centre for the Bicycle and Sustainable Mobility at the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2009, as member of the social co-op Goteo, and has been involved in urban/rural transformation projects towards sustainability as a facilitator and designer in Europe and Brazil.</span>
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