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<div class=""><span class="">Charles Michel was born in the Belgian town of Namur in 1975, when the European Union consisted of only nine member states. </span><span class="">Michel studied law at the</span><span class=""> University of Brussels</span><span class="">. </span><span class="">He was elected as a </span><span class="">member of the federal parliament</span><span class=""> in 1999. </span><span class=""> A year later, he became the Walloon </span><span class="">Minister for Interior Affairs and Civil Service</span><span class="">, and in 2007, </span><span class="">Federal</span><span class=""> </span><span class="">Minister for Development Cooperation</span><span class="">. </span><span class=""> Between 2006 and 2014, he was also </span><span class="">Mayor of Wavre. </span><span class="">Following the federal elections in June 2014, Charles Michel was involved in coalition negotiations. He became the </span><span class="">Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium in October 2014. </span></div> <div class=""><span class="">On </span><span class="">2 July 2019, EU leaders elected Charles Michel as President of the European Council</span><span class="">. He took office on 1 December 2019.</span></div>
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